Lighting a Large Room

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Of course windows go a long way towards bringing light into a room, but when your natural light is limited you can brighten up a room in so many other ways as well. Wall color and accent colors can add to the illusion of a lighter, brighter space, and well-placed lighting fixtures can really increase the brightness factor in any room.

Helping Mother Nature

Start with your natural lighting. Make sure that your windows are clean and dress them with fabrics that do not obstruct the light. Light colored fabrics and sheers work well. Hanging mirrors on the wall opposite a window helps amplify the natural light that is already coming into the room.

To light the entire room, track lighting and recessed lighting are sensible options. Track lighting can light an entire space or be directed at a specific area of the room, whereas recessed lighting is installed flush on the ceiling, providing an even layer of light throughout the room. For the most natural light effect choose soft, white incandescent light bulbs in your fixtures.

An effective way to brighten a room either subtly or dramatically is to bounce light off of the ceiling. To do this you can use wall sconces, light fixtures hidden in crown molding or even tall lamps. Lamps also are great for providing task lighting for reading or working.

Brighten with Color

By painting your walls in pale colors like neutrals or pastels, you allow the light to bounce off of the walls making the room appear brighter. By keeping wallpaper patterns simple and floor coverings on the lighter side, you increase the amount of light moving around the room.

This neutral backdrop also gives you an ideal opportunity to decorate your room. Darker woods and fabrics will really stand out as they contrast the pale colors of the walls and floor, and in turn they make the room seem even brighter.

Accessories Can Brighten any Room

Adding shiny materials into the room through your accents and accessories will go a long way towards keeping the room feeling light and airy. By incorporating furniture with highly polished surfaces like glass or metal tables the room will feel light and full of movement as light bounces from the walls to the furniture to the mirrors to the ceiling to the floor and back to the walls. Adding silver and crystal accessories will further enhance the light energy in the room.

Reflective tiles around a fireplace help brighten the focal point of a room. Mirrored surfaces can also be strategically placed beside light sources to reflect brightness back into the room.

Then choose some of your favorite artwork or a brightly patterned area rug, and pull an accent color or two from them to use in your pillows, vases, lamps and centerpieces. Adding plants and flowers to a space can also help add brightness to any room.


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