Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

We usually spend most of our time in the entire year in the bathroom. You do your make up out there; shave out there and so on. So proper lighting ideas, in the bathroom is very necessary. On the other hand, your lighting needs to be practical too; you can't have huge spotlight lighting up the bathroom just because it might look good.

When you start with the lighting in the bathroom first find out how much of natural sunlight you get during the day. According to this, you fill need to figure out, how much of additional light your bathroom will need. Do you need just a window, or a skylight or even a bit of vanity lighting? If you have a lot of surfaces which can reflect light, then you will not need much of lighting in the bathroom.

A good idea is to make a big window just next to the tub. This will provide you with ample amount of sunlight. Now you will still need some electric lighting in the bathroom for when it gets dark. If you have any corners in the bathroom that are dark, they will make it look very cramped up and small. So you need to create a very balanced situation in the bathroom.

Now the main area which needs a lot of lighting is the mirror and the shower. You need to have complete illumination so that you can look at yourself in the mirror without any shadows. You have a light on the side wall along with "modern" bathroom, vanity lighting which will be at least 150 watts and 250 watts. You can even have lighting right on top of the mirror to balance out the light.

Now after this will come the shower area. If you have a shower curtain which is dark, then you need to have a light which is extremely bright. This is because you need to see the floor while you are taking a shower. Since you spend a lot of times in the bathroom always invest in good bathroom lighting ideas


  1. theant said...

    oke juga tuh infonya sangat membantu

  2. Sam said...

    like your post. thank you for sharing this here. at least i have an idea now what kind of light i will gonna buy in a certain area of the house. so, how have you been my friend? have a great saturday. keep in touch.

  3. pink said...

    mantab, posting trus yaa...

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