How to Do Painting on Walls

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Painting is a decorative feature on external or internal surfaces in a structure. This has different shades of colors. The surface to be decorated is what will determine the paint type to use. This may be oil or emulsion. In a high human traffic area, washable paints are advisable to use. The wall is done with oil or gloss paint. Emulsions or water based paints are used for building interiors or exteriors. The mixing is to the manufactures instructions.

Painting commences with preparing the wall surfaces. The plaster surface should be dry. The work should only be done in dry weather conditions. This starts with sanding and rubbing down walls and is to ensure that all loose mortar or dirt is removed. It is done with a sand paper. A brush is used for dusting the wall. Repairs or corrections should be done early. This is to avoid wetting the dry walls. Timber surface knotting is done before sanding.

Priming or applying undercoats on wall surfaces should be done. Before proceeding the undercoats must be dry. Filling is done to patch up any dents on the wall with fillers. It is are then sanded smooth. After this a first coat is painted. After drying, the second filling is done to ensure a smooth surface. Fine glass paper should be used to rub down the fillers. This should be very smooth for oil or enamel paints to avoid hair lines on the wall.

The painting proceeds to the second and third coat. Each coat should be left to dry thoroughly before the next one is applied. This work should be done with a good fine brush. The decoration should not show brush marks. Other painting tools used include spray guns and rollers. Remember that it is advisable to do the final coat after major dusty or wet floor finishes are completed. If different colors are used on the walls, a tape for marking the joint is used.


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