Outdoor Lighting

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Most people think that outdoor lighting should not be given too much attention as after all there is the sun that lights the exterior of the house during the day, the star and the moon to shed light at night. If ever artificial light source will be supplied, it would just be a meager light bulb.

However, the provision of outdoor lighting is just as important as indoor lighting. There are many instances that will prove such importance. Suppose there is only a small light bulb to light your home exterior at night and an elderly grandmother missed a step on the porch stair then tumbled. Of course you would not have grandma stay injured like that without taking her to the hospital for medical treatment. Your negligence in providing sufficient outdoor lighting resulted to unnecessary additional expenses. Outdoor lighting also serves the purpose of providing your house with security against trespassers, with the use of spotlight and motion detectors.

Proper installation of outdoor lighting involves correct grounding and water proofing. Before you start installing your outdoor lights, there are particular codes to be met and complied with as well as permits to be obtained. Lights to be installed along the walkway which require only low voltages are not very complicated but there are certain outdoor lighting which need to be installed by a professional and licensed electrician complete with all necessary documents then inspected once installation is complete. If some electrical codes are not met, you will just put yourself in possible risks and hazards. Further expenses would even be required for renovation if you wish to resell the property.

When planning the exterior lighting, first map out the property whereby showing the home's position, the other infrastructure in the property, your garden, walkway, etc. Next you need to lay out the wiring conduit to connect the lighting fixtures and receptacles to the electricity source. You will also need to consider a fee things when choosing your exterior lighting fixtures such as the activity you and your family will be doing outdoors, voltage specifications, the location of the underground cables, wires and water lines.

In choosing outdoor lighting fixture, there are lighting technologies which do not need lengthy wiring such as solar powered exterior lights. These solar lighting comes in various styles and designs that can be used in different areas of the home exterior such as those installed along walkways and even stairs. During weather and season with ample sunlight these solar powered lights can be used most of the time.

Most places have a standard current with voltage reading of 120. By using a reliable transformer, this voltage may be converted to a safer and more efficient 12 volts current. With such low voltage, installation becomes simpler and safer.

Another purpose served for by outdoor lighting is decorative functions. This aspect of outdoor lighting may be focused on after safety and security lighting are addressed. There are various techniques used to achieve the lighting effect desired. Uplighting may be directed towards a tree which is the focal point of a lawn. Backlighting can be used to define space along shrubs and borders. Downlighting is utilized on stairs and pathways to enhance safety as well as physical appeal.


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