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Thursday, 24 June 2010
Since kitchen is considered as an important room in a house so its renovation and construction has its own importance.. the actual objective of kitchen is food preparation and storage.. if a kitchen is present then there is no need for anybody to have their food outside the home.. mainly women and wife gives due value to kitchen of a particular house .. if the kitchen is very good and having a nice appearance then it will be very interesting to work in that particular kitchen and not only that food made from that type of kitchen would be very delectable.. Various things could be considered in a kitchen in order to construct it fantastically.marble and granite can be used as building material which are very popular also in construction .. the Maple kitchen cabinets made room marble and granite will be having a great look and they are long lasting also.. they are not too much expensive and the great thing is that it is very attractive also.. granite is costlier than marble but as far as the appearance is concerned marble has slight benefit over granite.. it's very hygienic and there is no need for frequent cleaning.

The granite comes in different colors and it comes in different finishing styles. we can have either polished granite or granite having textured surface. The granite is much stronger and durable as compared to the marble it self. The granites don't accept stains and scratches and therefore; much resistant by the actions of children and their play. granite has a very stable nature an it can withstand very high temperature and at the same time it is water proof also.Their application is much easier as compared to the marble and they could easily be changed in case of any damage. even though there are distinct advantages in using the marble but the disadvantages should also be considered.The main disadvantage of the marble stone is that, it doesn't resist the scratches and hence after some times, it gives dirty look if not cared properly. marble when compared to granite is not that much durable and it is very difficult to clean by using chemicals or disinfectants.marble require more care and maintenance because stains are easily formed on marble surface. in a place where there is high traffic it is better to avoid marbles. Marble is not easily available in every country and it has to be imported from some other places.

The disadvantages of granite are that it is pricey even than marble and it requires repair and care.sometimes cracks are also developed on granite surface.. we have discussed all the merits and demerits of both marbles and granite then the final decision to select marble or granite is up to individual choice of a particular person. budget also plays a decisive factor in selection of both matreials.Maple kitchen cabinets. it is very important to get some feedback and reviews regarding the materials that You wish to buy . it is very Cleopatra a nice and good looking kitchen cannot be created with out marble or granite.


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