Tips to Choose Family Room Paint Colors

Wednesday, 24 March 2010
Family room paint colors allow you to make the rest of your room look updated even if it has been a while since you've replaced the furniture. It allows you to turn a plain white box into a home. Plus, this is one of the main living spaces of your home so you need to ensure that it works for every member of your family.

Consider a modern design. This will dictate your color palette but will also influence how the room works. This design style keeps accessories to a minimum and focuses on clean lines. This is the perfect style if you are short on space. It also makes your room feel decorated without being plain. An uncluttered look is essential for any space where there will be a lot of toys or where your kids need to study. For this kind of design style choose an ultra bright white, taupe or gray paint colors. You can also have the kids paint their own modern art and let them use whatever colors they want. This creates a gallery effect but also assures that everyone gets their favorite colors in the space.

Your family might be feuding over wall colors. One faction might want lavender or a feminine color and the other one wants a masculine red. You'll need to decide on a theme that you can all live with. Most people can really relate to nature. Pull in sunny yellow accent pieces or soft green paint colors for a room that everyone in the family can love. You can even base the room around a rock fireplace or rich wood floors. Bring in a lot of family photos for more color and a sentimental touch. You could even have a new portrait taken where you are all wearing the colors of your room.

Make a pattern with paint. You'll probably just want to keep this on just one wall. This allows you to make sense out of multiple paint colors. This could be as easy as painting an accent wall or mimicking wallpaper. You can even carefully tape off stripes. Vary the widths and the colors so it almost looks like fabric. This allows everyone in the family to get their favorite colors on the walls.

Family room paint colors should be inviting without being loud. You can create a welcoming space where your whole family will want to spend time together. Sometimes less is more but whether you go with a bright white paint or a rich red; remember it's about your family.


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