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Wednesday, 3 March 2010
We spend one third of our lives in this room so it is absolutely critical that our bedrooms be as relaxing and pleasing to the senses as possible. If we cannot feel completely at ease - how can we possibly attain the needed sleep, essential for us to perform at our maximum potential?

How does one create their own personal oasis? Where do we start?

The Starting Point

Personally I start with the bed linens. Choose a comforter or quilt and work outwards from there. If one owns a comforter or duvet, which are usually white or light beige, then duvet covers are a godsend. Not only do they protect but one can also change the colors as our moods or the season dictates.

Remember that tranquil areas are usually decorated in more subdued shades, sometimes even using absolute neutrals; nevertheless, it really is up to you to choose which hues are the most relaxing and tranquil for yourself.

Your Color Palette

Develop a relaxing color palette. The most soothing hues tend to be blues, greens as well as light tans and beige.

Green Means Stress Free

Green is certainly regarded as being the most relaxing color for the eye. Greens as well as blues tend to be reminiscent of the variegated hues of the Caribbean Sea.

Greens, just like other cool colors, help to make our bedrooms appear lighter and bigger. Although these colors can look and feel cold by themselves, they can possess a spectacular effect whenever combined with various other shades.

Green is a healing and relaxing coloring. Greens are a stress-free shade and reds on the other hand could possibly get your adrenaline flowing. Greens can also be soothing, which explains why they are frequently used in hospital wards.

Blue is Reminiscent of Water

Blue is known to have a soothing effect whenever chosen as being the principal color selection of any room. When choosing blue opt for less harsh shades of blue. Blue is better connected with water. Blues run the gamut of cool blues through to blue blacks, smooth and delineating and also mirror onto the green palette presenting an array of strong aquas.

The Earth Tones

The natural or earth tones - taupe, beige, brown colors, terracotta, and so forth - will give a much needed restful feeling and may behave as the complementing foundation that can be used with almost every other shades effectively.

Neutrals are usually blacks, whites as well as greys and can be employed for dramatic relief in opposition to the stronger feature colors.

The Final Word

So create you own personal oasis by choosing the bedroom colors as per your choice and taste. This is your room.


  1. bintang said...

    kamar tidur saya warna pink redup. tidak menjolok mata maksudnya, pengennya sih ganti waarna nih tapi belum ketemu yang pas.

  2. iphud said...

    nice pict yang bagus... kamar tidur badroomnya 3dsmax greath keren2...

  3. QQ said...

    kamarnya bersih dan rapi enak banget tuh

  4. free space said...

    jast wanna say mantap Gan

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    wah setiap post pasti keren2 nih

  6. cruess said...

    @all terima kasih ah coment di blog dofollow

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    kamar tidur ini sempurna sekali....mantak malas bangun neh..

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