Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint Color

Monday, 13 September 2010
Choosing and exterior paint color for a house is a decision that should be made with careful thought. It is one that the homeowner will have to live with for a long time. In Marietta, Georgia, the average life of exterior house paint is about eight years, depending on the type chosen. One color is difficult for many people to compromise upon, but the possibilities are endless and there should be some hue that everyone in the household can find agreeable.


Look at the other homes in the neighborhood. Choose a color scheme that will blend in to some degree. Bright and dark colors are more likely to fade. However, bright colors are cheerful and make a house stand out more. The darker the color, the less likely it is to show dirt. Even if the homeowner is comfortable with the former house color, choosing a new one can be a refreshing change. Find a coordinating or contrasting color for the trim. This can be added to doors, shutters, garages and porches.


Some Marietta painting contractors offer options on their websites that will help the customer find a suitable color. Similar to a personality profile, questions are geared to toward preferences of colors, environment and lifestyle. Each question has a number of choices for answers. At the end, all of the answers compiled together will guide the customer toward a preselected color scheme including tones for base and trim colors. When there are many people in one household, they may all take the test and compare color groupings at the end. They may find that they have similar results, or there may be twice as many ideas to consider.


Choosing a certain type of paint will alter the color selection. While the same basic hues may be available in most brands, some have special additives or features that limit availability. Those in damp climates may need mildew deterrent. In areas prone to storms, homeowners may select very durable paint to protect the home's exterior from wind, hail, blowing sand, sleet, snow or rain. Hot, dry climates may affect the fading of paint colors. Some have a longer life than others. Consult the Marietta painting contractor for the best type of paint to use.


Before a home's exterior is painted, it should be pressure washed and any old, chipping or cracking paint should be removed. Any gaps in the areas where the roof, siding, walls and ground meet should be filled or repaired before attempting to paint the home. House painters in Marietta should be able to do the job swiftly and professionally, using the proper equipment and materials. The ground should be covered with drop cloths to protect the landscaping and surfaces that are not being painted, such as windows and chimneys.


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