Vertical Blinds Made of Bamboo Add More Warmth to the Room

Wednesday, 7 July 2010
Are you having hard times deciding on what to choose between curtains and other shades to put in your sliding door? Or you just simply need more privacy to cover up a large portion of glass windows mounted from the floor up to the ceiling? Vertical blinds are ideal for these situations. They can both protect and give enough privacy simultaneously.

Vertical blinds are already fashionable to attach on large glass windows or sliding door and making them made of bamboo instead of common vinyl makes the whole setting more appealing. Bamboo material creates a warm atmosphere since it is a wood. These bamboo vertical blinds are also perfect for French windows where the amount of light needed can be adjusted through the movements of each bamboo panel that comprises the whole blind.

You will be surprised with the available variations of vertical bamboo blinds. They are available in numerous styles and colors to complement any room interior. The bamboo pieces or panels are also available in different widths to cater every need of protection and privacy. For a more inviting and cozy ambiance the 3-inch width are good option but if you are looking for a clutter-free surrounding then the 2-inch width is much advisable. However, if you have your own measurement and choice of color you can have these vertical blinds made accordingly. Many suppliers are offering such customization services everywhere. The darker the vertical bamboo blind is the more elegant it is.

Since bamboo is a renewable resource you are, in fact, incorporating a green treatment into your house which is very helpful to the environment. Compared to synthetic materials bamboo has a lesser impact to our nature. The different patterns produced by bamboo stems lead to the patterns being engraved in the vertical bamboo blinds too. Patterns are plenty from simple to complex. There are painted patterns as well in different colors designed along the contour of each bamboo panel. These patterns can also be made in accordance to one’s choice.

Try to add these bamboo vertical blinds into your house. They are multifunctional home decors which can instantly make any room attractive and sophisticated. The bamboo pieces which are paralleled in accurate distance from one another provide a good insulation and at the same time add a different positive aura to the room. The next time you are in confusion to treat your large glass windows and sliding doors you can never go wrong with vertical bamboo blinds when talking about elegance and quality.

Vertical blinds are perfect for your windows if you want to make them attractive.


  1. SAM said...

    Thanks for the info's. I would probably try it because my doctor told me that I can't use cloth curtains due to my allergy. the only thing that I can use is blinds or nothing at all. enjoying blogging

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