Top reasons to look for a flexible office space

Friday, 5 February 2010
Each business depends on a number of factors to ensure its growth, whether it's a one man/woman business, a home business or a corporate office. As the business grows, so does the need to project the right image, provide high quality services and develop a customer friendly business face. In this day and age, when extensive marketing and effective networking are the biggest assets of a business, you cannot afford to take second place in these matters. So, you need to accept and accommodate change as your business grows.

In such a scenario, a flexible office space is a wonderful all-in-one solution. Your business gets a readymade office space to lease, along with all the equipment you need. When you lease office space from a reputed leasing agent, you can avail of a extensive number of services. These are services that you might not be able to afford otherwise. Take a conference hall as an example. If you were to rent an office along with the conference hall, you would have to pay for the hall even when you are not using it. On the other hand, a flexible office space allows you to make use of such services and paying only as you use. This keeps your cost down.

Most startup businesses die before they take off because they are unable to break even in the first 3-6 months of operation. In fact, their operational costs are so high that many of them declare bankruptcy in a matter of months. One of the reasons for this is the sheer amount of money that goes into setting up a business and the repeated costs involved in keeping the business alive. When you lease an office, you can avoid a good volume of these costs. First of all, there are no set up charges because you are getting a fully furnished office space on lease. Secondly, a reputed service provider also gives you a number of add-on services like internet telephony, the use of a full spectrum of technological services like wireless services, facsimile services and the like. In addition, you can even pay and use for any additional services you might want. So, you won't have to hire a temporary secretary or receptionist if you need such services.

Another huge plus of taking a readymade office space on lease is the prestigious address you can claim along with the office you have rented. Most of these executive suites are in the 'A' class category, which means that you can easily impress your clients and business partners. This can do wonders for the image of your business.

The time factor is another important reason to consider taking a flexible office space on lease. Setting up your office from scratch is a long and arduous exercise. It might very well take you close to a year to get everything just right. On the other hand, a flexible office space has everything you need to start your business immediately. No time wasted which automatically means more profits and immediate leveraging of your business ideas. Visit us at


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